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Award winning contract

incentives over disincentives

Within Contractual Insight, we have previous expertise drafting a bespoke contract that won a European prize for innovation.


We have developed a set of  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and management fee structure that truly incentivise the Contractor to achieve its primary objective, profit, which drives the Contractor to fulfil the Employer's objectives to have the scope of works delivered in accordance with the specification, on time and within budget. By supercharging the supply chain, subcontractors feel empowered and motivated to achieve results, as there are tangible rewards available for their efforts.  


By creating a contractual environment where both parties objectives compliment each other, the probability of fostering a truly collaborative culture where positive behaviours are created dramatically increases. 

We design procedures in the spirit of continuous improvement to help support the administration of the contract.  

A harmonious culture, that proactively strives to address issues when they manifest, drives innovation for the mutual benefit of all parties to the contract. 

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