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Contractual compliance

Effective contract administration

Through our experience of managing and negotiating claims and dispute resolution, we have witnessed many of the common, avoidable mistakes many Employers and the supply chain make during the course of a contract that leads to tying up management time in dealing with disputes.

We have experience administering a broad range of construction contracts including:

Stand alone contracts

Framework agreements

Term contracts

Programme of works

Fixed price, re-measurable, target cost

and reimbursable type contracts

We have a good working knowledge of many standard industry contracts including:

- NEC suite of contracts

- JCT Standard Building Contract 

- IChemE suite of contracts

- ICE 4th, 5th and 6th editions

- MF1 contract

- G90 contract

- FIDIC contract

- The 'Be' Collaborative Contract 

- PPC 2000 - Standard Form of Contract for Project Partnering

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